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Dog elected mayor of Minnesota town

What am I doing with my life if even a dog surpasses me ;_; #timeforicecream


Dog elected mayor of Minnesota town

What am I doing with my life if even a dog surpasses me ;_; #timeforicecream

Software of the week: the Nintendo eShop code generator by eShopGenerator.com


As the name already tells is this program designed to generate free Nintendo eShop codes. These codes can be used to buy games and media for your Nintendo systems. This program is quite unusual, but it serves a great purpose, so i decided to give it this weeks award. The program was designed for those who can not afford to spend a bunch of money on new games. In a time were games cost a small fortune, definitely a great thing, and valuable for many people.

The eShop code generator works really well and is so simple, that everybody can use it. Definitely no technical knowledge required, which is great, because I don’t have any.

Can I really get free Nintendo eShop codes with it?

Yes! That’s the awesome thing about it! You can get totally free codes with this eShop code generator. You just have to enter your account currency and the value you would like to get. I tested it with a few $50 codes and I was able to redeem them all just fine.

I can absolutely recommend this program to everybody, because why would you spend your hard earned money, when you can get the games for free instead.

Do you have any ideas for future “Software of the week” posts? Awesome! Why don’t you send me a message, so I can add it to the schedule. I will take note of every request, but please keep it reasonable. Reasonable meaning only proven programs and no self-made tools that you want to get free promo for. Thanks!

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And now the interesting part…the freebies!

This week I give away 25x $50 Nintendo eShop codes to my followers, all 100% working and redeemable in every account.

What do I have to do to enter?

It’s simple! Simply re-blog this post and follow me on tumblr.

I will randomly pick 25 from those who did and they will all receive one $50 eShop code each. Totally free!

The contest will close as soon as 100 people have entered. This gives you a fair chance of 1 in 4 that you win a code. Pretty awesome right?